NOVSS – Nano Optical Virus Sensor Solutions

The ViruSense sensor is a technology adaptation project. The technology that recently delivered the World’s first organophosphate detector, developed by associated company Cabin Air Sensor Solutions Ltd. can be adapted to detect virus particles.

NOTE: The technology was originally created for the detection of the Bacteria Legionella, but has since been developed to be sensitive enough to detect far smaller molecules.

The VN Aerotoxic Detection Solutions Canary sensor, verified by the National Physical Laboratory, can detect Volatile, and Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds, VOCs & SVOCs.

The Virusense sensor will adapt this technology to detect viruses, like COVID-19, SARS and flu. See above schematic for size of molecule/virus comparison.

The size of molecules being detected by the Canary sensor today are at the Glucose level on the chart above, where viruses 102, are some 100 times larger again as shown above. The existing sensor has more than the required level of sensitivity to detect viruses.

The company will develop a portable, hand-held, easy-to-use, real-time sensor which doesn’t require medical professionals to operate.